SpartaCon is the only dedicated Spartacus convention in the U.S. for fans of ancient history, culture, fantasy, and the "sword-and-shield" genres, such as Spartacus, Rome, Gladiator, 300, and other similar t.v. series and movies. 

SpartaCon 2015 was the first U.S.-based Spartacus fan convention. Just over 2,800 fans attended our inaugural event in August 2015, along with 13 Spartacus cast members. 

In 2015 and 2016, we had 10 different groups involved in the Programming, including weapons/fighting demonstrations by several cast members and stuntmen/women from Spartacus.

 SpartaCon 2017 featured gladiator battles in the arena once again, but bigger and better, with more “steel on steel”, full body contact action. 

Thank you loyal Rebels & Romans for supporting SpartaCon since 2015! You have our eternal gratitude!


The Programming aspects that separates SpartaCon from other typical fan conventions are our real gladiator battles in the arena, as well as interactive demos/workshops led by Spartacus cast members. We work with a group of stuntmen/actors to train and coordinate recreated “tribute” battles from the show Spartacus as well as original battles.    

Live Gladiator Battles


Live Gladiator Battles

Creative Combat  performed our Primus gladiator battles event! The Creative Combat team, founded by Steven Huff, are trained fight performers in historical and modern weapons, self defense, fight choreography and fitness training. Every pass holder for SpartaCon will have a seat and bear witness to the finest gladiators in the Republic! 

Gladiator Academy

"Forget everything you learned outside these walls, for that is the world of men. We are more. We are gladiators! Study, train, bleed, and one day your name will be legend, spoken in hushed whispers of fear and awe…”  

SpartaCon offers you the opportunity to train and be forged into a gladiator, in our exclusive SpartaCon Gladiator Academy™ training program.  

Legion-inspired Training and Nutrition

The official Spartacus trainer, Tyrone Bell  joins the Spartacon ranks to deliver an experience fans have been asking for: the unique opportunity to be trained by the very man responsible for turning your favorite Spartacus stars into gladiators!  

Sword Training

Train with professionally trained weapons expert Steve Huff of Creative Combat and Spartacus cast members to learn basic sword techniques followed by exclusive Gladiator Fight Drills--taught only at SpartaCon. 


Grab a bow and arrow, and learn to shoot like Mira did in the show! This circuit covers the basics of archery - guiding students through the basics of off-the-hand, instinctive marksmanship with the bow. 

Workshops and Demos

Earn The Mark: 1 & 2

These workshops will give participants a change to experience gladiatorial training first hand under the harsh supervision of the Doctore and seasoned gladiators. Completion of each level will earn the participant a Certificate of Training.  

Leather Crafting

Learn the basics of Leather Crafting from leather artist Rebecca Renner of Valkyrie Leather. Participants will receive a blank wristband. You will be provided with gloves, dyes and access to various tools to create a custom wristband of your own design. Yours to keep!  

Retiarius Workshop

 Learn basic Retiarius techniques (Net) and engage in friendly competition to improve your skills.  

Roman Legion: Marching Drills

New Roman legion recruits will learn shield formations, like the wedge and the testudo, along with marching in formation.  

Roman Food Demo

A cooking demo and tasting of both slave cuisine and the cuisine of the Romans. 

Belly Dancing Workshop

Roman parties frequently featured exotic types of dance. Learning the basic techniques to Belly Dancing in this workshop.